Safe training and COVID

Safe training during COVID

During this pandemic, we have implemented a number of new measures to keep you safe during COVID and to ensure that the training we conduct is in line with current government guidelines.

This document is designed to inform you of what to expect on arrival to attend your course with us.

Arriving at the venue

When arriving at our training venue you will be greeted by your trainer for the day and you will be asked to confirm that you are a-symptomatic and sign the delegate disclaimer form.

Please have your photo ID available at this point so the trainer can check.

You will be asked to choose a table that is not occupied in the designated training area, these places will be fixed and will adhere to the current 2 metre social distancing.

Please don’t rearrange the designated training area this area is designed for safe training.

When you get to your table you will find a training pack (this will contain gloves, face shields, training bandages, hand sanitiser, and CPR shield) along with a first aid training manual, Learner Registration Form, and a plastic wallet for your completed registration form.

You will also find a sanitised first aid training manakin in a sealed bag along with a tub of sanitising wipes, this is for your own use during your first aid training day.

Whilst the trainer continues to check other delegates in, you will have an opportunity to sanitise your hands and complete the Learner Registration Form and place it in the plastic wallet. This will be collected by our trainer before the course commences.

Starting your course

Once all delegates have arrived and seated your trainer will remind you of the current government guidelines in relation to social distancing which will be abided by at all times to ensure safe training during your course.

During the course

Delegates will be encouraged to use hand sanitisers and to wash hands regularly throughout their first aid training to help us maintain safe training for all.

Practical elements of the course

We have made some changes to the way we assess your learning which is in alignment with our awarding organisation’s recommendations.

Sufficient additional equipment will be available to enable you to complete the assessments without the need to physically touch another delegate and ensure safe training.

There are four physical assessments we will carry out and below is how we intend to assess you:

Unconscious Casualty who is breathing normally

Your own first aid training manakin will be used for a part of this. The other part you will be expected to be able to put yourself in the recovery position whilst verbalising your actions to the trainer.

Unconscious Casualty who is NOT breathing normally

Your own first aid manakin will be used for this activity.

We have a limited number of training defibrillators so these may under certain circumstances be used by more than one delegate.

In the event this happens the defibrillator will be sanitised by the trainer before you can use it and maintain a safe training environment.

Choking Casualty

Unfortunately, we cannot use our choking vests at this time due to social distancing measures to ensure safe training. So you will demonstrate the required actions on your first aid training manakin.

Bleeding Casualty

All wound management skills will be carried out on your first aid training manakin.

Contaminated items

We advise that any items such as wipes, gloves, bandages, etc should be placed in the biohazard waste bins at break times and on leaving at the end of your course.


As part of your first aid course with us, you will be required to complete an exam paper. Any paperwork that needs completing will be given to you in a plastic folder by your trainer.

Once you have completed your exam paperwork this is then placed back in the plastic folder for collection by your first aid trainer.


We have gone to great efforts to ensure that our first aid training during the COVID pandemic is safe, and whilst we can prepare as much as possible, we are like any other business during these times.

Your safety and ours is paramount in all first aid training we deliver and at times we may need to modify what we have in place if governmental or awarding organisation guidelines change.

Please feel free to speak to us if you have any concerns or wish to discuss anything further.

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