First Aid Qualifications Relaunch

We are an approved centre with Qualifications Network they are one of the larger Awarding Organisations in the UK for Health & Safety and First Aid training.

So when we got an invite to attend a first aid relaunch meeting in Birmingham on 2nd October 2017  we got very excited at the prospect of having some input and asking lots of questions regarding the changes to first aid qualifications and we were not disappointed there, sadly very few active centres attended although we all have known for months and that was a big shame, we attended with a few other centres and got first-hand knowledge of the changes and heard about the new qualifications too.

So what has changed?

first aid

Quite a few things have changed to be fair and it has been realised for some time that one size does not fit all and it certainly doesn’t in the first aid industry and the training we deliver either.

The biggest changes were moving qualifications form the old “Qualifications and Credit Framework” (QCF) over to the new “Regulated Qualifications Framework” (RQF) this was done to offer a simpler system for managing qualifications regulated by Ofqual. 

Although this started back in 2015 it is hoped that all the old frameworks will be gone and all approved centres will be on the new RQF framework by November 2017.

Qualifications Network has been collaborating with the Forestry Commision to have first aid qualifications that would be more suited to their needs and requirements something we did not really have before and now we do. The risk of serious injury to forestry workers in remote areas has lead to this new first aid qualification which suits their needs and requirements much better.

Also,  first aid qualifications have been updated for first aid outdoors which is specific for those people such as mountain leaders, outward bound leaders and those that offer outdoor experiences which are becoming more common these days with centres popping up in lots of rural areas offering many activities, and for sports coaches activity first aid has had a few tweaks too.

How do the changes affect our business?

We are a predominant workplace first aid training provider so we have welcomed the changes and moving over from a QCF to RQF has been an easy transition for us and we have been fully supported by our Awarding Office so we changed overnight and our courses have all been updated to reflect the changes and we are good to go.