COVID19 Risk Assessment

COVID19 Risk Assessment

COVID19 pandemic is going to be with us for the foreseeable future.

In accordance with our Health & Safety policy, we will at all times provide adequate control measures to mitigate the risk from our training and working activities.

This extends to assessing and controlling risks that our training team and delegates in regards to COVID19 pandemic.

It is recognised that the effects, duration, and the consequences of this pandemic are unknown.

Our face to face course delivery and protocols has been adapted for the foreseeable future to keep us all safe and meet all updated guidelines from the UK Resuscitation Council and Health and Safety Executive.

This document is a live document and will be updated regularly as and when necessary.

Delegates on arrival will be asked to confirm they are a-symptomatic by signing a declaration that to their knowledge they are a-symptomatic and low risk.

If any delegate is affected by any symptoms associated with COVID19 then they shall be supported and will transfer their place to a later course, this can be by their request or ours.

covid19 risk assessment

In my capacity as Managing Director is that I maintain overall responsibility for our Health and Safety and ensure this statement is put in to practice.

Review date 8th December 2020

M B Coton

Managing Director

Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd

Our COVID19 risk assessment

This risk assessment is a live document and will be amended as and when required as COVID19 guidance changes upon governmental advice.

What to expect on arrival on your course.

Since restarting our first aid training for our delegates we have had to change quite a few things and have had to adapt our training delivery to keep everyone safe.

This is where you can find out what to expect when you arrive at your course and during your training day(s) with us.

Safe training and COVID19

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