Changes to Legislation for Early Years Providers

There have been some changes recently to providers of children’s nurseries and new legislation regarding this came in on 1st September 2016.

In March 2015 the Government put forward a proposal requiring that “all newly qualified Early Years Provider” to hold a valid Paediatric First Aid certificate in order to be included in the ratios required for the early years setting.

This new requirement came into force on 1st September this year (2016), and all providers have been given a 3-month “grace” period to enable them to complete the required Paediatric First Aid training required.

This new legislation is for children’s nurseries, infant / junior schools, childminders, and any assistants who may be in sole charge of children for any length of time, they must now hold a Paediatric First Aid certificate.

This has caused quite a bit of panic for those who are not already first aid compliant with the new legislation and for those seeking training in First Aid to be compliant.

We have certainly had a few interesting phone calls from “early years providers” saying they knew nothing about the legislation changes or how it was going to affect them and their businesses.

We have said to all people who have phoned us that Emergency Paediatric First Aid or Paediatric First Aid training is not expensive when you take into account that it could seriously make a difference to someone’s life in their time of need.

The qualifications last for 3 years from the time the course is completed, and this qualification will keep you compliant with current legislation.