Button batteries and children

Have you noticed how children are attracted to shiny things and button batteries are usually shiny arent they?

On average, at least one child under 5 gets admitted to the A&E department per week because either the child has swallowed a button battery or the parents suspect they may have.

We are in that age where most everyday gadgets have batteries in them like cars have electronic keyfobs, our watches have batteries in them, your card reader for your bank account does.

The majority of our everyday electronic gadgets have screw-down battery compartments or they are hidden behind a slide-out panel so where is the problem you are probably thinking?

Parents change the batteries and forget to discard them straight away and leave them somewhere where a child can find them such as on a worktop, or table or the child may have a cheap toy that is not covered by child toy safety regulations such as a cheap toy that doesn’t have a sealed battery compartment and the batteries may come out.

Apparently, most trading standards departments are in a constant battle to get these toys removed from sale and destroyed, recently as a test I bought a calculator from the internet and the battery was easily accessible.