About Us

About us

Martyn has over 45 years of experience as a first aider with over 25 years of those as a first aid training instructor where he learned his craft and the last 5 years as a first aid training provider building one of the most respected first aid training providers in Warwickshire and The Midlands.

Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd came to fruition because Martyn was becoming increasingly frustrated that there were not many high-quality first aid training providers and that many businesses were getting short-changed on the training they were offered.

So Martyn decided to do something about it and set one up himself, after all, he had worked with some of the best first aid training providers in the UK and so Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd was launched with the blessing of some of the best first aid training providers in the UK.

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about us

Our first aid trainers are handpicked to work with US

We handpick our first aid trainers who we would like to invite to work with us, but first, they go through a rigorous selection process before they get selected and invited to come and work with us.

Our first aid trainers have all surpassed the minimum requirements for education and CPD and have proven track records of excellence, awesome communication skills, and know their craft inside out with the necessary hands-on experience too.

Joining our first aid training team is not an easy feat we can assure you but the difference to our customers is very obvious with the feedback we get from our customers about our training and delivery which is all about us and our values.

Our customer service team

Customer service is something we all like and quite often you do not get it.

We know it frustrates the hell out of us too.

Well, here at Warwickshire First Aid Training we do things a little differently and firmly believe in giving our customers awesome customer service from the outset with us.

Our Customer Service Team are all handpicked too and have proven track records in their craft and come with excellent communication skills, and they love being part of the Warwickshire First Aid family and contributing to our values, and that’s about us too.

about us

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Centre No 15227

Our First Aid qualifications

Our first aid qualifications meet national industry standards and are OFQUAL regulated and accredited by QNUK one of Englands largest awarding organisations for health & safety and first aid qualifications.

Many people do not know the difference between a Regulated first aid qualification and an Unregulated first aid qualification, have a read of this blog to learn more.

If you choose an Unregulated first aid training provider then you will need to do your due diligence to meet the criteria laid down by Health & Safety (first aid)

We only deliver regulated first aid qualifications so you are guaranteed that the training we deliver to you will meet national standards and you are covered under Health & Safety (first aid )regulations because you are using a regulated first aid training provider.

Our customers

We work with a wide range of businesses from the small to the larger enterprises and also from low risk of injury to the higher risk of injury workplaces. These include environments like administration offices, IT companies, construction companies, engineering workshops, transport companies, manufacturing companies, and logistics companies.

We are constantly innovating and improving how people learn and perceive first aid training to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. Ensuring our first aid training stays up to date, fit for purpose, is fully inclusive, interactive, and a FUN learning environment for our learners too.

Our work area

We are based in Rugby Warwickshire and travel throughout the Midlands to deliver our in-house first aid training and qualifications to our customers on their business sites.

For those businesses in The Rugby area, we do run a few work based first aid courses at our Rugby training venue which are ideal if you are a business that has a few people who you want to get trained up, then this option may be ideal for you.

First Aid Courses On Offer

Our pricing is per person and not per group so you only pay for what you need and not what you don’t need.

Book your date with us and we will come to your site to deliver your first aid training for you.

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