About Us

About us

And how it all got started

I have been in the first aid training world for the best part of 25 years and in that time I have had the privilege to work for some great training providers and some not so good ones too.

But this period was invaluable because I learned a lot about the delivery of first aid training and this really helped hone my skills for when I decided to go it alone.

I came to realise that Warwickshire and the neighbouring counties fell well short when it came to having any high-quality first aid training providers. It was through a conversation I had at the time with a prospective customer that he was really struggling to find a competent first aid trainer to deliver specialist first aid training to his business.

So after some serious research and chats with some really good first aid trainers who like me were medical professionals who wanted to get on board for the journey to build one of the most respected first aid training businesses in Warwickshire with the very best handpicked trainers and Warwickshire First Aid Training came to fruition on April 6th, 2016.

Today over 6 years later we are a very well-respected first aid training provider based in Rugby Warwickshire, covering Warwickshire and our neighbouring counties, and work with a wide range of businesses from PLCs down to SMEs.

about us

about us

Our founder and MD Martyn Coton

Building that first aid training team

I only want the very best first aid trainers and assessors

From the outset, we very much did everything ourselves till we had the work coming in. Luckily I had earned a great reputation as an innovative first aid trainer and because I had worked with some of the very best first aid trainers it was not long before the conversations started.

Within a few weeks, we had got our handpicked first aid training team and they loved it because it was all about us and where this journey was going to take us. Having a great training team who are innovative and can adapt quickly has really made us stand out to our customers.

The outstanding feedback from our business partnerships started to flow in and it meant a lot to us all, before long we got our very first national contract and they got their dedicated first aid training team and we still have the contract today too.

Our first aid training team has the very best training kit for our learners to learn and hone their first aid skills on. Our investment in our training kit is legendary and most of our competitors don’t come anywhere close to the training kit we have and it is all about us.

Our customer service team were all handpicked to work with us too.

They are awesome too

It wasn’t long before the phone was constantly ringing with customers who wanted to book their first aid training with us, so we needed help and fast. Luckily I had someone in mind who would be a perfect fit for us to develop our customer service team, I just needed to speak to her.

Within a week we had our initial conversation and she wanted to know more, so more conversations were had over the following week. The offer was made to her and luckily for us, she accepted the offer,  she loved the idea from the outset and how it was all about us.

Our Customer Service Team has all been handpicked too to ensure we have a truly amazing customer service team with some awesome values that we can buy into and they will buy into our core values too, and that is all about us too.

We have been complimented many times over the last few years about our awesome customer service team and how fast they get things done and nothing is too much trouble.

This makes us very happy that our customers are happy and getting that important customer service right, which some companies don’t of course.

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about us

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Centre No 15227

Our First Aid qualifications are nationally recognised and accepted.

We only offer regulated qualifications because we believe in maintaining very high standards and keeping them that way.

Regulated first aid qualifications have been around since 2013 and came about due to Health & Safety Executive (HSE) shaking up the system. Today you have the regulated first aid qualification, you have the voluntary sector (St Johns, Red Cross, and St Andrews), and the unregulated first aid qualifications sector.

It was a no-brainer to us because we had been delivering regulated first aid training qualifications for 3 years, and we all knew it was going to be regulated first aid training for us from the outset. We have strong beliefs in doing everything correctly from the start.

We have all delivered regulated first aid qualifications and it became a consensus that we all like how professional  Qualifications Network UK was in the initial chats, they were open with us and we liked that. We were so pleased we chose to work with Qualifications Network UK.

Their core values were indeed very similar to ours and their first aid qualifications were OFQUAL regulated this definitely ticked all of our boxes and we became an ‘approved training centre’ in April 2016 and we have kept our approved centre status every year since.

All of us here at Warwickshire First Aid Training strongly believe in offering first aid qualifications that can stand up to scrutiny and that is why we went down the regulated first aid training route rather than unregulated first aid training.

If you are unsure what the difference is between the two we have written a blog about it for you.

Our awarding organisation sends out EQAs (External Quality Assurers) who carry out site visits, paper audits and also check on the trainers to ensure they are qualified and the trainer delivers the first aid training up to required standards too.

As an approved centre we have to ensure we are maintaining our compliance and obligations as well as keeping up with the required standards and maintaining our approved centre status requirements and conditions.

We can guarantee that our first aid training meets all national industry standards and requirements, and the first aid qualifications that we offer are nationally recognised and accepted throughout the UK.

Our partners and partnerships

We value our partnerships we make with our customers.

We have enjoyed working with and partnering with many businesses across Warwickshire and neighbouring counties in recent years and we have also enjoyed working and building partnerships with local government agencies, and schools too.

Each week our partnerships grow with new businesses choosing us as their first aid training provider and our team is constantly innovating and improving how we communicate with our customers and building those very important business partnerships.

First Aid Courses On Offer

Our pricing is per person and not per group so you only pay for what you need and not what you don’t need.

Book your date with us and we will come to your site to deliver your first aid training for you.

We also run open courses from our centre in Rugby Warwickshire which are ideal for local businesses in the Rugby area.

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