About Us

About us

Martyn Coton our MD with over 25+ years of professional experience in delivering high-quality first aid training to businesses throughout the UK on a freelance basis. This allowed him to fine-tune his first aid teaching skills and also his delivery skills to become a much sought-after first aid training instructor with many first aid providers across England.

He realised that there was a distinct lack of high-quality first aid training available for businesses in Warwickshire. So he set himself the challenge to build and grow Warwickshire First Aid Training into a trusted first aid training provider within Warwickshire and the Midlands.

This was something that he couldn’t really do all himself so set about building a team of people with a can-do attitude who was the very best in the business and top of their game to get this business up and running.

But most importantly it has to be about us and our core values and we had to drive our collective values to get where we needed this business to go.

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about us

Our first aid trainers were all handpicked to work with us

Luckily Martyn had worked with some really outstanding first aid training instructors over his 25+ years and he started reaching out to them about his passion and his dream of building one of the most trusted first aid training providers in Warwickshire.

Martyn handpicked his first aid training team from the very best first aid trainers and they all bought into his values and also he bought into their collective values so it all became about us and the first aid training team came to fruition.

With such a great first aid training team doing what they do best, this has made such a massive difference to the outstanding feedback we receive on a daily basis with our partnerships with companies we are and have been working with.

They love our state-of-the-art first aid training equipment, our delivery of their first aid training, and this makes us very proud of our collective values and about us as a first aid training provider.

Our customer service team

Martyn has a wide circle of contacts and knew getting his customer service right was absolutely key to driving Warwickshire First Aid Training forward, luckily he had someone in mind who was looking for their next challenge.

Our Customer Service Team has all been handpicked too, they are an amazing team who buy into our values and we share their collective values too and you have guessed it about us too.

We have been complimented many times about our customer service team and how fast they get things done and they all have a friendly can-do attitude, this helps us grow our partnerships with our customers.

about us

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Our First Aid qualifications

We all strongly believe in offering first aid qualifications that stand up and stand out to scrutiny and that is why we went down the regulated first aid training route rather than unregulated first aid training. If you are unsure what the difference is between the two we have written a blog about it for you.

Our first aid qualifications meet all national industry standards and are OFQUAL regulated and accredited by Qualifications Network UK one of England’s largest awarding organisations for health & safety and first aid qualifications.

We have an external IQA auditor who comes in when they please to spot-check us to ensure we are following all our compliance obligations and our learners are learning their first aid skills as they should be as laid down by the regulators and our awarding body.

Our awarding organisation EQA us to ensure we are maintaining compliance and living up to our end of the approved centre status requirements and conditions.

We guarantee that our first aid training meets all national industry standards and requirements, and the first aid qualifications that we offer are nationally recognised and accepted throughout the UK.

Our customers

We have enjoyed working with and partnering with many businesses across Warwickshire and the West Midlands in the last 5+ years, also working we enjoy working and partnering with local government agencies, further education colleges, and schools too.

Our team is constantly innovating and improving how people learn and perceive first aid training to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. Ensuring our first aid training courses stay up to date and fit for purpose too.

Our work area

We are based in Rugby Warwickshire and travel throughout the Midlands to deliver our in-house first aid training and qualifications to our customers on their business sites.

First Aid Courses On Offer

Our pricing is per person and not per group so you only pay for what you need and not what you don’t need.

Book your date with us and we will come to your site to deliver your first aid training for you.

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