About Us

About Us

How it all started with an idea

In April 2016 after many months of planning I decided it was time to launch Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd to the business community and the wider world too.

From the outset I wanted to give my customers awesome customer service and also to be the go to leading provider of first aid training to businesses of all sizes throughout Warwickshire and in neighbouring counties too.

Offering our customers an onsite option if they wanted us to come to them and also an open course option if they preferred to come to our training centre in Rugby Warwickshire at the Rugby Golf Club.

With 17 years or so experience I knew that I only wanted to offer Ofqual regulated qualifications to my prospective customers because I wanted to offer and deliver a qualification that was well recognised and worth the paper it was printed on.

So that means I would need the qualifications to be accredited by a leading ‘Awarding Organisation’ to make sure it was a worthwhile qualification for my customers, and after much research, telephone calls and deliberation I chose to work with Qualifications Network UK (QNUK).

Qualifications Network UK are a well known and respected awarding organisation in England and Wales with with very high standards and more importantly they continue to build on those high standards which are very important to us and very much about us too.

One thing that really resonated with me from the outset that I was absolutely determined to overcome and eliminate the risk that employers and business owners have when finding a reputable first aid training provider.

This risk was effectively eliminated overnight by going down the accredited training provider route and only delivering regulated qualifications because if a customer uses an accredited first aid training provider it covers them under HSE in regard to their first aid training with no further due diligence on their part.

about us

Martyn our Managing Director

Our Awesome Customer Service Team

Something else I was determined to get right from the out set was the customer service side of the business, because if thats poor it lets the business  and our customers down.

So from the outset we built our customer service team with people who were on the same page as us in regard to giving awesome customer service and this has helped us grow over the last 4 years, and our customers working with us love to learn more about us too.

When you contact us by phone your phone call will be answered within 10 seconds by a human voice on our contact team who will be more than happy to take your name your number and your enquiry and place it on our system so one of our customer service team can call you back to discuss your enquiry with you.

Thank you for learning about us today

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to learn more about us here at Warwickshire First Aid Training Ltd and we would love to work with you and your business.

We are more than happy to discuss to your first aid training requirements with you and for you to find out how our gold standard first aid training  would be a perfect fit for you and your business.

It all starts with a call so please get in touch with us today to learn more on how we can help you maintain your first aid compliance.

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